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Book Title and Edition: Once Upon a Cow: Eliminating Excuses and Settling for Nothing but Success

Author: Dr. Camilo Cruz, PhD

Condensed Review/Thesis: The Cow is our excuses, our limiting beliefs - our justification for leading ordinary lives. Is it time to put yours out to pasture?

Author's Background: Entrepreneur; professor; Fox, CNN, NBC contributor, sought-after speaker: Dr. Camilo Cruz channels his endless energy and insight into helping leaders become more effective, successful - and satisfied.

Intended Audience: Business leaders.

Larry's Two Cents: As you probably gathered from the title, Once Upon a Cow is a parable. But it's so much more: it's an eye-opener. In the tale, a student and teacher go on a journey and meet a poverty-stricken family in a ramshackle house. The one bright spot (or is it?) in their lives is their prized cow. It provides income; it provides nourishment. While not ample, at least it's something. On the way out of town, the teacher does something astonishing. Something, on the face of it, that is senseless and cruel.

Dr. Cruz takes readers on the journey, right along with the student. The crux is that we all have "cows." We have excuses and limiting beliefs that prevent us from reaching our full potential. At least I have a job, we say. It may not be my dream job, but it's something. Or, I'm in a relationship that is not great, but what's the point in changing anything? Cruz asks us to consider what happens if we slaughter those cows. If we force ourselves to make a change.

Once Upon a Cow can help you identify your "cows" and empower you to make changes that will lead to success. Upbeat and entertaining, this is a great read if you're on a plane or waiting in line at the DMV. And it becomes more than just a great read if you're willing to apply Cruz's lessons to your life and work; it becomes a game-changer.

When You Should Read This Book: Now... You and everyone else has excuses. Here's how to stop the whining.


Larry Hart

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