becoming A Better Leader

An exclusive online community dedicated to YOUR leadership development. Leadership development, to us, is about knowledge, skills, AND experience. We bring all three to you!

Are You The LEader Your Business Needs?

It’s a real question and not easily answered... because leadership means different things to different people... Go to Amazon books and they have over 60,000 listings about "leadership." Leadership "training" and "classes" abound! Everyone's an expert! Resources can be both ubiquitous and scarce. Information is abundant and real help can be rare. No leader is really "trained"; all are developed... and development is personal and difficult to "figure out."

How about a cost-effective, time-efficient, information-packed, experienced-laden group to drive your leadership forward!?
Become a Better Leader


Simply, leadership development is needed... being personal, affordable, easy to access and Just-in-Time. We've looked. Nothing like this exists and, in our opinion, by constructing the model in this way, we can bring leadership to you, wherever you are, whenever you want or need it and at a reasonable fee. This is a Tribe formed around connections. Content will always be part of the process, but it is secondary and supportive to the concepts of gradual "chunked" and group learning. In the coming months, we have a tremendous amount of content which will be placed in an open source website. Larry and Denise will act as your guides and coaches, bringing ideas, concepts, questions and issues to the group. Group members will be actively encouraged to bring the same to the groups... especially your questions and challenges. Let the group help! As a client of many years stated, "Share the Insominia!"
Become a Better Leader

About The Tribe

We founded C.E.O. Tribe, an exclusive online community to bring the backgrounds of successful, and diverse, business leaders to one convenient hub. We believe this experience will empower you to navigate leadership with, and through, others having the same passion for learning. Through the Tribe, owners, executives, and aspiring future leaders can access ideas and resources needed to achieve continuous success.


First 3 Months

A Private LinkedIn Group exclusively for Tribe members

A group that is “by invitation only” … all members will be vetted by Larry and Denise

A group limited to 100 members to ensure access to other members and the Coaches

A personal connection with the Coaches, Larry and/or Denise. We will be available through the LinkedIn Group at all times. Private time by mutual arrangement.

All content will be curated by Larry and/or Denise. All members are highly encouraged/recommended to provide their content and ideas to enrich the community “pot!”

After 3 MOnths

After 3 months of membership, every Tribe member will be eligible for a BestWork DATA High Potential Leadership Report and debrief outlining those areas of strength and focus for their personal leadership brand. (No charge)

Starting in the second 3 months of membership, each member earns (1) 45-minute private coaching session after every quarter of membership. Eligibility contingent on active membership.

After 1 Year

After 1 year of membership, every Tribe member will be provided the book Mastering Leadership which has a free Leadership Circle Profile.  

Larry or Denise will personally debrief the profile for the member upon completion.  

The Leadership Circle Profile is THE state-of-the-art assessment based on the most in-depth study of leadership ever taken. In its most effective form, it is taken as a 360-degree assessment with input from superiors, peers and subordinates. (No charge for the individual; 360 information upon request)

Is This For You?

Who Will Want to Join THe C.E.O Tribe?

Top executives who need to access reliable resources efficiently and who can share their own valuable thought leadership and experience with the community.

Business owners and executive staff who do not have the time, money or geographic access to commit to executive coaching but still want to enjoy the benefits of leadership development.

Current or future leaders of, and within, organizations

Passionate, life-long learners, especially about leadership

Someone who becomes engaged and committed to the cause of leadership and a group of like-minded people

A person searching for guidance and support from experienced coaches to help keep you on track and constantly developing

A broad business demographic... types of industries, business sizes, positions, experience… it is the wealth of the "melting pot" that will enrich our learning organization

Someone who is in doubt of their leadership, or potential, leadership abilities and wants to increase their leadership competencies

Someone who want to contribute to, and benefit from, "Tribal knowledge, wisdom, and experience." The Tribe is more powerful than the individual.

A manager/leader looking for more responsibility and authority, i.e. additional leadership positions and promotions.

Who Should NOt Join the C.E.O. Tribe?

A person unable or unwilling to commit less than an hour a week to their, and their Tribes', leadership development

Someone who believes they are "different" and either doesn’t believe in, want or need leadership development

Someone who believes they have nothing more to learn!

Someone who cannot afford $98 per month!

Meet Larry and Denise

CEO Tribe

Hi, we're Larry Hart and Denise Foley. We understand your challenges (been there/done that!) and are dedicated to helping you grow as a leader. We have decades of experience coaching more than 200+ small to mid-sized company CEOs and business owners, guiding them through the challenges of business and personal growth.

With more than 30 years of business leadership experience, including over 20,000 hours working one-on-one with those CEOs & business owners, we have built a mosaic of research, ideas and proven best practices to draw upon as we provide strategic guidance to our Tribe members.
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Larry was a Chair with Vistage International, the world's largest CEO peer advisory group for 20 years. During that time, he was acknowledged by Vistage, his Chair peers and most importantly, his members, as an outstanding and progressive Chair. Larry is known for his radical candor and passion for learning. Many times, he is one step ahead of his member's issues and can rapidly offer ideas/solutions for critical and pressing business problems. He is recognized as a devoted lifelong learner and his ‘no nonsense' approach has made him an excellent coach and advisor.

Denise is a self-made business executive who climbed her way to the top of corporate America straight out of high school. Her experience working with AutoNation, a Fortune 200 publicly-traded company, and small to mid-sized privately-owned businesses, has made her an exceptional business coach and leader. Denise is currently a Chair with Vistage Florida and actively working with a group of 16 South Florida business owners.

Denise delivered results that impacted the growth of AutoNation from a startup of 30 employees to a publicly-traded company with over $23 billion in revenue and 26,000+ employees. Denise created and executed many standard processes and technology solutions while leading two of the most critical business units in the roles of VP of Purchasing Payroll and VP & CPO of Procurement.

Larry and Denise are passionately committed to working side-by-side with all leaders as they support them in their pursuit of their desired results.

Yes! I'm Ready To Join CEO Tribe!

Why do you want to join? All applying members will be interviewed by one of the coaches. We only want those excited, committed, visionary leaders who understand the power of a virtual peer group.


 The first three months are required up front as it includes your first 121 consultation with Larry and/or Denise (a $300 value) to help us understand your goals, aspirations, outcomes, ideas, etc. From the beginning, all members will have input into what is important and valuable to OUR Tribe! Month-to-month starting in Month 4, no contracts or ongoing obligation. It's simple, stay if you are receiving value. If not, you should leave!
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"Larry is one of the few people that I whole heartedly recommend without hesitation for most any project -- especially those that require strategy, business expertise, challenging assumptions and a wealth of experience in working with leadership and business growth issues. Larry's interpersonal skills matched with a very clear style allow him to build trust very quickly. A very quick thinker, Larry always ensures a result focus and is persistent in driving clear deliverables--and you can always count on his integrity and great network!"

Ann Herrmann-Nehdi

Chief Thought Leader and Chair of the Board at Herrmann

"Larry has a unique combination of business and interpersonal skills to cut through the false stories that CEO's have convinced themselves to believe and wake up the the reality of what's holding them back.

Larry inspires. Larry motivates. Larry leads. And Larry exemplifies accountability in himself and others. He understands culture, and teaches by example within the groups he leads.

Larry is a master facilitator.

In all of the above Larry creates clarity, builds teams, and communicates with crystal clarity.

My business is infinitely better because I trusted Larry's coaching. I would not hesitate to recommend Larry in the role of CEO, or CEO related coaching and/or training in the areas of business, accounting, leadership, culture, coaching, facilitation, etc."

Robert Gerace

CEO of Every Store Perfect

"I’ve had the pleasure to work with Larry Hart for close to 6 years. During that time, he has been an integral part of both the success of my company as well as my personal and ongoing growth as a leader. His passion for improving the lives of others through mentoring and coaching is clearly evident with his long list of lives he’s positively impacted over his career. Our company was a small, growing locally focused organization and with the help of Larry’s mentoring, we grew to a national presence and navigated an acquisition to become a member of the Berkshire Hathaway family of companies. 

Larry finds the right balance of accountability and compassion, while transferring his vast knowledge and insight into leadership to the people and organizations he works with.

He’s a great asset to any leader who has the desire grow."

Josh Moffitt

Owner, silverton mortgage specialists, inc.

"Larry is truly gifted at quickly assessing a business, identifying barriers to success, and providing clear insights and specific strategies for success. I have seen him time and time again deliver the necessary KITA (kick in the pants) to get a CEO focused and on track. Sometimes, the CEO was me. Over my decade as a member of his CEO group I documented ten specific strategies that I gained from my involvement with him that accounted for over $5 million in total value to my business."

Michael Wilkinson, CMF, CPF

Founder - Leadership Strategies

"If you wish to be on a new path to success and set your direction to consistently WIN, I highly recommend the coaching of Larry Hart. Larry has a proven process promoting sustained personal growth in Leadership, in Business, health, and in relationships. Larry has helped high performing professionals to continue to raise their bar and achieve things they did not know they could. You can reach the next level working with Larry on your team."

 Jim Hamilton

 Vice President of Kimley-Horn

"Larry has been the single biggest factor in keeping my agency alive over the last 10 years. He once told me companies don't go out of business because they run out of customers, they go out of business because they run out of cash. When he told me that I started stashing away 2 months worth of expenses. We hit a downturn in 2016 and had to use every penny. If Larry hadn't taught me that lesson we wouldn't be in business and growing like crazy today."

Alex Membrillo 

 CEO of Cardinal Digital Marketing

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Become a Member of C.E.O. Tribe?

Leaders, both in name and attitude. It is our conversation with you about why you are interested in becoming a member of the Tribe that is critical to all of our success.

How DO I Pay?

Once you are accepted, we will send you a Paypal Money Request for the first three months ($297) and a recurring charge for subsequent months.

When Can I CANCEL?

Any time before your monthly anniversary of your membership. There are no refunds after the month has been charged/paid.


No need to postpone or "put on hold." Just cancel and request reinstatement at a later time. If you have left in good standing and space is available, you will rejoin the Tribe with the reinstatement of a monthly recurring charge.


Send an email to before your monthly anniversary date.


We do not offer refunds for C.E.O. Tribe -- all fees paid will not be refunded or pro-rated.


Once you have been accepted into the Tribe, you will receive an invitation to join the group from Larry through LinkedIn.

Don't see your question here? Contact Us and we'll get you the information you need.