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"Larry has a unique combination of business and interpersonal skills to cut through the false stories that CEO's have convinced themselves to believe and wake up the the reality of what's holding them back.

Larry inspires. Larry motivates. Larry leads. And Larry exemplifies accountability in himself and others. He understands culture, and teaches by example within the groups he leads.

Larry is a master facilitator.

In all of the above Larry creates clarity, builds teams, and communicates with crystal clarity.

My business is infinitely better because I trusted Larry's coaching. I would not hesitate to recommend Larry in the role of CEO, or CEO related coaching and/or training in the areas of business, accounting, leadership, culture, coaching, facilitation, etc."
Robert Gerace
CEO of Every Store Perfect
"I've had many coaches over the years, and I say with no hesitation that Denise is the absolute best coach I've ever had. She is one of the most brilliant people I know, and my business has grown immeasurably by simply having her as a coach. The real power is when we are talking about something I'm trying to sort through, and she will ask a pivotal question that changes the way I think. Every coaching session with Denise has that Gamechanger moment that makes my brain explode and makes me think, 'Wow, why didn't I think of that years ago! I'm so lucky to have this person helping me.' All of this comes through in no BS, but kind-hearted way. She has my best interest at heart and wants me to succeed. I look forward to each and every conversation I get to have with her. I can’t thank her enough for all she's done for my business.'
Samantha Phillips
CEO, Phillips & Company