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Book Title and Edition: The Energy Bus: 10 Rules to Fuel Your Life, Work, and Team with Positive Energy. First Edition.

Author: Jon Gordon

Condensed Review/Thesis: Discover the power of positivity - and experience incredible results in your life, work, and relationships.

Author's Background: Business consultant and bestselling author Jon Gordon is a leading expert on leadership, teams, and corporate culture.

Intended Audience: Business leaders, coaches, teams (business and athletic) - really, anyone struggling to overcome adversity and achieve success.

Larry's Two Cents: George is having a bad day. It's Monday, work is chaotic, his relationships with his wife and kids are strained. And he has a flat tire (and a flat spare). Forced to take the bus so he won't be late for an important meeting, George departs on the journey of a lifetime. The Energy Bus tells the story of a man facing adversity. Through his interaction with the bus driver - appropriately named Joy - and its passengers, he begins to transform his attitude, and his life.

George rides the bus for two weeks (sure, he could have called AAA to fix the flat, but then he, and readers, wouldn't get the critical daily lesson!) Each day, he learns another of these "rules." For example: "You're the driver of your own bus." Take control, decide where you want to go, and then go there, one decision at a time. Another: "Fuel your ride with positive energy." Everyone faces hardship; how you respond makes all the difference.

The bus is, of course, analogous to work, teams, and relationships. As a leader, ask yourself what kind of "energy" does your company run on? Is it positive or negative? Are people excited and committed, or do they just show up for their paychecks? The Energy Bus is a fable through which you can look at your own company and role within it. You drive your bus; how do you get people to ride with you? How do you steer? How do you enjoy the ride? Gordon is giving you a roadmap; where will you take your bus?

When To Read This Book: Is there any energy" in your company? Do people seem excited to come to work, to be there, to engage? If not, time to read The Energy Bus.


Larry Hart

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