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Book and Edition:The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else In Business

Author: Patrick Lencioni

Condensed Review/Thesis: Organizational health overshadows everything; it represents the greatest opportunity for improvement and the biggest competitive advantage for companies.

Author's Background: Bestselling author, sought-after keynote speaker, and president of The Table Group, Patrick Lencioni is a seasoned veteran in the business management field - and a master of the modern fable.

Intended Audience: Business leaders and owners.

Larry's Two Cents: The Advantage is one of my "bibles!" A true must-read for any business owner or leader. Patrick Lencioni clearly describes the difference between a smart company and a healthy company - and healthy companies always win.

What is "organizational health"? Simply, it's one that functions effectively. Lencioni creates a four-pronged model to help leaders do just that by building a cohesive leadership team, establishing real clarity among those leaders, communicating that clarity to everyone within the organization, and putting just enough structure in place to reinforce that clarity moving forward. This enables companies to do more in less time, retain their best people, identify and solve problems faster, and thwart the competition.

The Advantage will show leaders how to create a healthy company. Much of my work and beliefs with Vistage members and clients aligns with those of Lencioni; he is an experienced teacher who guides readers through each step involved in gaining, and maintaining, this enormous strategic advantage. If you realize it's not enough to be smarter, use this book to get healthier.

When to Read This Book: Now... if not sooner. This truly is a must-read to understand how your company should work.


Larry Hart

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