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Book Title and Edition: Necessary Endings: The Employees, Businesses, and Relationships that All of Us Have to Give Up In Order to Move Forward.

Author: Dr. Henry Cloud, PhD

Condensed Review/Thesis: Endings are inevitable, and with the right perspective, they can lead to personal and professional growth.

Author's Background: Dr. Cloud is a clinical psychologist and business expert; two disciplines he fuses in order to help leaders improve skills, relationships, and performance.

Intended Audience: Business leaders, owners, managers, and folks who are facing an "end" in some aspect of their lives.

Larry's Two Cents: Endings are a part of life. Whether it's the ultimate ending (death), the parting of friends or spouses, or the dissolution of business partnerships, endings are everywhere. We often remember beginnings with fondness, but endings seem to hold a sad/mad/bad space in our heads and hearts. Because of that, we don't "end" well. Sometimes we don't end at all. We don't end an unhappy relationship; we don't fire a toxic employee; we don't stop pouring time and resources into failed products. This book is about seeing the possibility and promise in endings.

Cloud uses his background in clinical psychology to help you understand that "necessary endings" can leave room for opportunity and growth. He guides you through recognizing when an ending is necessary, and which relationships, products, projects, and partnerships are worth pursuing and which are not. Further he offers practical advice for planning and implementing change. The goal is to move away from bad/sad/unhealthy/futile situations and move towards happiness and success.

Necessary Endings is a book about life. No matter what type of "ending" we're talking about, the truth is we're not all that good at it. We simply don't know how to end. Cloud offers the advice you need to let go, learn, and move on. This book is one of my favorites because it applies to everyone and every conceivable type of end. You may not view all endings as "happy," but you will come at them from a more centered place. Endings are part of life; with this book, they can be a productive, positive part.

When To Read This Book: You KNOW when a end is near or should be, yet we put off the inevitable. In my opinion, the greatest challenge of a leader... to make it happen! Now, not later.


Larry Hart

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