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Book Title and Edition: Fierce Conversations: Achieving Success at Work and In Life One Conversation at a Time

Author: Susan Scott

Condensed Review/Thesis: Every conversation has the potential to propel you toward better results or to drag you backwards; which will it be?

Author's Background: Throughout Susan Scott's extensive experience as a CEO, executive educator, and thought leader, she has perfected the art of the Fierce Conversation.

Intended Audience: Anyone who talks - and is frequently misunderstood! Business owners and leaders, managers, entrepreneurs...

Larry's Two Cents: Make no mistake: this is the book on the art of engaging in deep, meaningful conversations. Scott believes that success, and failure, occurs one conversation at a time. Her definition of "fierce" is not confrontational or aggressive; rather it is when we "come out from behind ourselves, into the conversation and make it real." We don't hide behind pretense, defensiveness, or manipulation.

According to Scott, there are four objectives of these conversations: to interrogate reality, to provoke learning, to tackle tough challenges, and to enrich relationships. Beyond touting the importance of fierce (i.e. genuine, honest, direct) conversations, Scott provides a practical guide. Using an accessible style filled with examples, she offers seven steps to help you begin to engage with more impact, improved clarity, and greater understanding.

Learn and apply these principles, and you cannot help but improve in all aspects of your life. Anyone who works with me on a regular basis needs to pick up this book! It's a top choice for any leader who wants to grow and become more effective. Read it if that's you.

When To Read This Book: NOW would not be soon enough. DO IT!


Larry Hart

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