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Book Title and Edition: Leap of Strength

Author: Walt Sutton

Condensed Review/Thesis: We've all heard of - and taken - leaps of faith. But sometimes (ok, all the time), success requires strength. Though a little luck never hurt anyone.

Author's Background: Walt Sutton advises CEOs and managing directors - helping them create better businesses and richer lives.

Intended Audience: Leaders asking the question: what separates winners from losers in the entrepreneur game?

Larry's Two Cents: Within the Vistage community, there is a small group of speakers who are the masters in their world. Walt Sutton is one of them. In Leap of Strength, he delves into the how and why of starting a business. Capital structure is critical. Concept and timing are important. But it's psychology that separates the winners from the losers. The internal journey of an entrepreneur is rough, there's no two ways about it. Sutton's book explores this reality in depth, offering practical advice for overcoming obstacles and achieving key goals.

Sutton doesn't sugar coat it: he acknowledges that starting a business is one of the most difficult tasks people can undertake. But he is also careful to provide insight into the potential traps and tripwires that can snag you on your journey. Read the book; avoid them. It won't make entrepreneurship easy, but it will make it easier.

Leap of Faith is a book you can pick up and refer back to throughout your tenure as a leader. It's about the basics - and it's timeless. Vince Lombardi started every season by announcing to his team, "Gentlemen, this is football." In the same vein, Walt reminds you of the fundamentals of leading an organization. Ladies and gentlemen, this is business.

When To Read This Book: Now, later, forever. Leadership is not a job, it is a journey in personal awareness. The sooner you start, the more ideas and understanding you will have at your disposal.


Larry Hart

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